Search operation with more than 100 results



I’m trying to display a map of Europe (or the world) with all air traffic. We just need to plot tracks with idents as label, but we need to plot all of them to illustrate label deconfliction algorithms for example. So we use the simpliest operation: Search. But it is limited to 15 tracks! We can increase the limit to 100 but even then we never get 100 of them, only a smaller number. This prevents us to fill up our map with all the air traffic at once :angry: (and explode the number of queries of course :cry: ) .
How can I override this limit in odrer to show a decent coverage rapidly?
Is this limit still existing with Premium accounts ?



The responses from Search have a hard limit of 200 internal records, to prevent excessively large queries from impacting our realtime systems, however the actual number of flights returned will not necessarily reach that 200 limit depending on the number of access restrictions (forks) exist for flights in that part of the world.

At this time there is no way to bypass that limit in Search. You can split your query into multiple smaller queries that are more restrictive. For example, you can try splitting the desired region into multiple smaller regions and adding **-latlong “MINLAT MINLON MAXLAT MAXLON” ** to the end of your query for each of the regions.


So if I may… I know this isn’t a FlightXML direct question but it pertains to the same thing. I try the same query via the GUI for an alert. Say all diverts to and from KALB. I get the same message. Any way to refine the GUI backend to take advantage of the same qualifiers?


What do you mean GUI? On the website?