Scrolling in landscape mode on iPad nightmarish

Something changed in the past two weeks since Ohio (now in Baltimore)

I cannot scroll in any flightaware page on the iPad without using the up and down arrows in either Safari or a paid app browser. Two weeks ago I was able to move the page up and down with finger swipes.

Only logical workaround was to put the iPad in portrait to see the bottom of the page but ease of reading was reduced.

This problem does not happen in the forum side of the arena. Scrolling of pages works with a swipe of the fingers.

Having same issues

I found pinch zooming works about 30% of the time and swipe scrolling works 1% of the time.

The full version of our site has become too complex for the iPad to handle. About 3 weeks ago we added some javascript sitewide to support the modal dialogs for sharing pages via twitter/facebook/email along with some other changes and while the iPad “supports” them, it’s too slow to be effective. Currently the only choice we have is full version or mobile version (which is very stripped down), but I’ll see if we can do something to support these halfway tablets.

This has been fixed.

Very cool, confirmed and most importantly thanks! :smiley: