Scheduled Departures Help


Is there a way that I can have the Scheduled Departures section show the most recent flight that is going to be taking off??? What I’m trying to say is when I go to monitor BOS and scroll down to Scheduled Departures it will have as the first on a flight that won’t depart until say 3:00 when it’s only 1:28 right now, I listen to and while I listen I monitor on Flightaware. I’ll hear ex Jetblue1212 cleared to takeoff I’ll look at the scheduled Departures to find out where its heading and things like that. But I have to click on More and go through a list of flights and then find the one I’m looking for. So is there a way to do what I’m trying to do? :confused:


Click on the time header to sort. Click again to sort in the other direction.


But I don’t want to have to click on More I want to just look at the little list and see. Is that possible?


Huh? “Most recent” implies something in the past, while “going to be” implies something in the future.

The scheduled departures board displays all filed, unused, and uncanceled flight plans, starting with the earliest.


Oh ok so there is no way that you can have the aircraft that will depart next in the departure. Do you understand what i’m trying to say because I read over what i’m typing and it doesn’t sound the way i thought it would.


We have no way to know which aircraft will take off next.


Oh I thought that whatever one is filed 1st that one will leave 1st. Thanks for the help mduell.


There’s too many variables for that. Many air carriers have canned flight plans which will show up automatically on ATC about an hour or so before departure, for example. That doesn’t mean that they will actually leave at that time, though.