Scheduled arrival flights



Could you please tell me how to retrieve all enroute/scheduled arrival flights of a particular airport, like the one shown in your page below?

I’ve tried to to send requests with the following payload to

    payload = {
        'airport_code': 'BIKF',
        'howMany': '30',
        'type': 'enroute',

It returns only 40 flights (in the second request, next_offset is set to -1).

Please note that I don’t have issues with scheduled departure flights which I can retrieve 144 flights for BIKF airport as displayed in the Scheduled Departures page.



I will ask the team how that functionality should work. Currently it appears enroute will only show actual enroute, but scheduled will show all scheduled departures, leaving “scheduled to” BIKF non existent.


Hi, have you got answer from your team?