Scheduled airline vs charter


Hello, earlier I was searching for flights between Denver and Las Vegas. Airline BSK (Miami Air) came up with a filtered search of “airline”. Miami Air is an airline but it is charter, and not scheduled. It is listed as Form_Airline. How can I filter out charter airlines like this?


Hi, which API call were you using?
You may have to do some cross-validation with the actual schedule API.
For example, I have created a table with the entire schedules of all the top 100 airlines, so if a flight is not in there it’s not scheduled. (Of course, this cost me a bunch of API calls)


This is something that is flagged in our database as an airline. You would have to have a list of airline codes that are quasi airline/charter and simply remove those from the returns.


would you mind providing a little more detail no how you accomplished this? I am interested in doing something similar.


Sure — I used Dataiku Data Science Studio as my dev and run environment. I created a bunch of Python notebooks (for the code) and visual recipes (for data clean-up) and charts. I can share the project with you, you can run it on DSS “free edition”.