Scary Go-round at Sea-Tac

Since when do pilots “Step on the gas”? You gotta love newscasters. … eo=pop&t=a


That looked like fun. :mrgreen:

God how I hate the media.

Pilot: “Yeah, everyone is ok.”

Tower: “Northwest ***, you are cleared for the go around, #1 for landing. Are you going to need any assistance upon landing?”

Pilot: “No emergency vehicles will be necessary, however, Northwest may want to order a couple new seats for the cockpit, and call my dry cleaners for me, I have a rush order for them when I get on the ground.”

The video seems slightly sped-up. yes/no?

I don’t think so.

Compare that one to this one. The SEA/TAC one looks like the rocking happens way to fast, especially for a 757.

I’ll defer to your professional opinion, but I don’t agree.

The video seems slightly sped-up. yes/no?

I thought it was sped up as well. That was one of the first things that struck me about the video.

Yeah - a plane coming in THAT fast on approach would overshoot RUNWAY 34L AT KDIA


Newscasters are just IDIOTS when it comes to aviation. Just watch/hear/read what they speak/write.

“The pilot aborts the landing by steping on the gas…”

Now you know that the news was expecting that or they wouldn’t have that video! Notice the pilot extended the spoilers to the flight detent! Wow.

I believe that was on runway 16 L/C.

Newscasters are idiots about more than just aviation LOL And that did look like fun, especially knowing the outcome.

I’m surprised Mr. Gore hasn’t come out yet and said that these high winds are caused by global warming and that the pilot should be reprimanded for the go-around as it wasted fuel.

Comment: After wondering for just a second why he tried to land in such expected, high winds, I reminded myself pilots are highly under-rated. They’re not appreciated enough for the life threatening situations they may get unknowing passengers out of, commercial and private. Cheers, thank you and Merry Christmas to all pilots :exclamation:

GAS LMAO!!! Punch it Ethel! LOL

An American MD80 was evacuated on the taxiway at SJC yesterday when “one of the pilots” noticed smoke coming from one of the engines according to the news reports.

Talk about an out of body experience!

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Sorry for leaving you out Mark.

Happy Festivus!!!

Thank you Glenn Beck

Nicely done…

I am impressed you knew that. Kinda wierd that for being the 3rd most listened to radio show in the U.S. more people haven’t heard of him.

Beck is great. And that was perhaps digital video that was “compressed” for time considerations which is basically the same as speeding it up.

This members of this board seem like a group that celebrates Festivus: a holiday for the rest of us!

And somebody needs to tell the media that it’s not “step on the gas” but rather firewall the throttle, positive rate, gear up!

*For those with FADEC advance the fake throttles 4 detents, push the go around button or whatever.