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SBS feed to another server


I want to leverage the SBS feed provided by dump1090-fa port 30003 to forward the data to another server where i have a UDP listener running with NodeRed.

I couldnt find a way yet to do so. is there any tool or script that can bind to a specific port , listen and forward the packet to another destination?


netcat or socat will do it.

But the SBS data format is not great, are you sure you want to use that?

Well actually it would have to connect to port 30003, not listen on any port.

That would be a second connect functionality.

socat -u TCP:localhost:30003 UDP:<other_server>:<port>

This should work.
Note that you really want socat to listen on a port, it can do that as well UDP-LISTEN:<port>

Thank you @wiedehopf

I think it should be fine for now. thanks

rethinking about that. @obj the other option would be to take the raw data and decode it in NodeRed, right? any recommendation for a 1090 decoder written for NodeRed?

I don’t know of anything prebuilt off the top of my head. What’s the data you’re trying to extract?