Saudi VIP aircraft to VCV for some sort of maintenance?

According to Skyliner ex HZ-AIZ now HZ-HM1 just converted to VIP, maybe going to VCV for paint or something else? … /LFSB/KVCV

possibly. They are coming from Basle so I’m betting Jet Aviation did the interior. I’m not sure if their paint hangar is big enough for a 747.

I thought they could paint a 747 there… not sure now.
We were always the littlest plane there.

I did get into some trouble in Basle once.

Basle is a great town. Second largest city in Switzerland.
The only reason I’m not sure about the paint shop is because they had to expand another hangar in order to get the 747’s inside for the interior work, but the paint hangar is still the same size as it has been for 40 years.

That’s not difficult to do. :smiling_imp:

I was going to say “only once?”

And to correct myself, Geneva has caught Basle for the second spot.

Got in trouble flying only once; what happens off airport property will never be discussed.