Saturday's Jetblue Flight 193


This flight was scheduled to takeoff from JFK at 11:45 AM Eastern and fly
non-stop to Las Vegas and arrive at 5:25 PM Eastern. But it took from JFK
at 11:55 AM Eastern, not out of the ordinary, but it landed in Denver at
4:12 PM Eastern. then resumed its trip to Las Vegas at 6:03 Eastern. Any ideas?


jetBlue has had a lot of westbound diversions lately due to strong winds out of the west. Perhaps they were heavy on passengers and cargo so they had to go out light on fuel.


This is quite likely the cause for the DEN stop. The jetstream continues to track mucj further south than is normal causing more disruptions of westbound flights.


Jet Blue said in their analyst reprot that the adverse winds have been a real problem this year.

In late February their was a story in USA today about winds. … usat_x.htm