Satelite Intercept/Missle Defense Agency Aircraft

Two aircraft from the MDA have flown into Honolulu International Airport to monitor the intercept of the Satelite from the Navy Vessel,N178B and N74A,both G-II.

I’ve got it from 2 sources that at 3:47 GMT that the missiles connected with the target. We will know more later.

Nice catch. Thanks.

I think this whole intercept thing will be pretty amazing if they are able to pull it off.

N178B 11 Feb 08
N74A 12 Feb 08
Latest flight dates as of 20 Feb are shown above.

If they flew in the missile launch area, it would be interesting to see their flight path. Unfortunately, they either didn’t fly in the area or they flew VFR or they were too far out for radar coverage. Does anyone know where the ship that launched the missile was located?

MDA: Missile Defense Agency, Tulsa, Oklahoma

IFR… (Assuming they flew in class A airspace based on previous track log histories)

For non radar coverage situations, see … r+coverage