Sata international flight 300 May 11 2012


Strange I don’t use Flight tracker a great deal but when I have it has mostly failed me. I’m following a flight that left last night from CYYZ Toronto to LPPT Lisbon on Sata International flt. #300 My family is on the flight. There is no information showing on live tracking, just showing broken lines for entire route and this is 7 hours after squedule departure. I know they were half hour delayed because my family called me from the airport but thats all I know. I don’t see when it took off and probably won’t when it arrives, live. I’m wondering why this is so often for this Airline on this route on other occasions this has happened as well? I would like to track it for my families return next week and some for the week after when they leave Friday from Portugal on Sata International so that I can meet the flight here in Toronto CYYZ but I don’t see any hope?


The FAQs are your friend:


Having flown a number of times on SATA and admiring its dedication to being the worst airline flying the Atlantic, I would suggest a reason for the failure to provide flight tracking information. All electronics on SATA are powered by squirrels spinning a treadmill and shortly after take-off, they are allowed to rest in preparation for landing in the AZores, Madeira or Portugal. While resting, of course, they are no longer generating power and thus no signals are available to Flight Tracker. You might wish to help maintain the power source by bringing along your own squirrels but the additional weight might make it difficult for the already overloaded aircraft to take off and add excessive strain on the elastic bands on the engines. :laughing: