SAS departures from KSDL?

Just noticed at that SAS has departures out of Scottsdale, AZ. Apparently new service because I left my job about 2 months ago that overlooked the airport and there were no large carriers with scheduled services. Good for SAS and good for Scottsdale.
When I look at the destination for all flights (ESSA) it indicates they are non-stop service. Scottsdale, AZ to Stockholm in B737-600’s? KSDL to ESSA is 5400+ miles and max range for the 737 is 3000+. What in the world am I missing here, especially because it shows the flight durations in minutes (:35, :42, etc).
Why do I have a feeling there’s a very logical explanation that will prove today is not my day. :confused:

It was a bug we fixed a couple hours ago. Ongoing flights are fixed, the history still needs to be cleaned up.

Same bug as before, duplicated FAA/ICAO code:
SDL = Scottsdale (ICAO: KSDL)
SDL = Sundsvall (ICAO: ESNN)

Knew there had to be a logical explanation. Thanks.