SAN Terminal Evac for Earthquake

Terminal 2 was briefly evacuated this afternoon following a 7.2 earthquake near Mexicali, Baja. Some ceiling tiles and broken water pipes near gates was the extent of the damage. The terminal reopened in less than an hour and everyone was re-screened. The air operations side was not affected. Unknown at this time if flights were held for those evacuated. Airlines that would be involved are Delta, Continental, Jet Blue and US Air.


Doesn’t sound too bad???

I’m on stand-by one ready to launch for relief efforts.


I live in the west Phoenix suburbs. It was strong enough to slosh water out of my pool and caused the free hanging items (lights, blinds, etc.) in my house to sway. 8)

This tremor was the third one in the last 10 months to cause this sort of thing, but today’s event was the first time that water came over the edges of the pool.

Didn’t wake me up.:stuck_out_tongue:

John in Saudi

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: