San Diego to Boston


Flight N157GA from San Diego Int’l to Logan Int’l was carrying Doug Marabelli to the Boston Red Sox Yankee game. The flight arrived 6:49pm and the game started at 7:15. He came in a state trooper SUV and was fully dressed and made it on the field at 7:10. GO SOX GO. Johnny Damon is trully an idiot.


Talk about making an entrance


Sounds more like the state police (or whatever they are called in Massachusetts) are the idiots for allowing themselves to be used as chauffeurs for overpaid ball players.


Please, tell us. How do you really feel about professional athletes???

Or are we a disgruntled Red Sox fan for losing Damon?

Just messing with you.


Can’t blame Damon for following all the great players that came before him by seeking greater success with the Yankees.


Though I know you are “just messing with (me),” I can tell you I’m not a sports fan of any team, although I do like watching some of the more unusual sports such as the world’s strongest man competitions, especially when they pull aircraft.


I still like Damon and have lots of respect because he brought a world series to Boston. But he went to the EVIL EMPIRE. But we got COCO. And for the Trooper, Boston is a city based on old culture and sports, bring a very good ball player to the park to play against the yankees on Damons return to Boston! I don’t think he is an idiot, and he can say i was the one who got Maribelli to the game in time for the 1st pitch.


The Red Sox paid the State Police for the ride. The Red Sox, and most other teams, use police escorts all the time to and from airports and do pay for them.


First pitch was supposed to be at 7:09 that night, convenient that it started a few min late :smiley:


It’s all good. It was worth the wait.