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Both terminals A and B were evacuated at 2:35 p.m. and airport officials are asking people to stay away from the airport area.

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A police spokeswoman said the caller called 911 and said, “Yesterday was just a test at the airport. Watch what happens today.” … index.html
I think KSAT12 is giving these people what they want, attention.

On Friday, a man identifying himself as Raul Gonzelez contacted KSAT 12, claiming to have made those threatening phone calls. He said he wanted to explain what happened and why he made those calls.

He said he and his friends had been drinking and "we really had nothing to do so we decided to chill out and do something funny.

“I told them that there was a bomb, which was made of ammonium nitrate, that was in the parking garage and I told them we were going to blow that up. I told them we had left our bombs inside three cars,” Gonzelez said.

During the conversation, Gonzelez said his friends planted chemicals on three cars in the parking garage so bomb-detecting dogs would find them. He said there were no bombs.

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Zimmerle, so far, is accused of phoning in only one threat this week. An arrest warrant affidavit does not indicate that he might be linked to any of the bomb threats earlier this month that led to the airport being shut down for two hours.