Sample classic ASP fails with generic err

“Error occurred” when I used your sample asp code with my user name and key

Can you locate any additional debug information or error messages in your system logs?

Why doesnt the api deliver error messages?

That error message is the printed by the ASP sample code, and is not what is already returned by the server. Try logging the httpRequest.status and the httpRequest.responseText to see what is contained within them. Did you modify or customize anything else in the sample code?

If httpRequest.status = 200 Then
    Set jsonResponse = JSON.parse(httpRequest.responseText)

    For Each flight In jsonResponse.ArrivedResult.arrivals
        Response.Write("Flight " & flight.ident & " is arriving from " & flight.origin & "<br>") 
    Response.Write("Error occurred")
End If

Thanks…got the response to display…I had an error in my key