Safe Flying during the Fourth of July


reminder to all fellow pilots out there to carefully read the TFRs and NOTAMS reguarding july 3-4 firework displays in your vicinity
and be vigilant to those who shoot off smaller firworks (or the bigger ones) who are not in the TFRs…

I know several pilots who are taking the days off so they don’t have to deal with the hassle/danger
I remember in July 2007 a Northwest DC-9-30 taking off from Buffalo Niagara Intl KBUF on RWY 14/32 took a deflection off the wing of a decent sized mortar (2in probabally) and exploded about 30 feet from the wingtip…
the drunk neighbor probabally didn’t intend to hit the aircraft, it just happened to be a really small sky at that one instant

not much you can do in that situation but always be cautious of your surroundings

be safe out there my friends