Russian Air Base fire - burns up 400 air to air missles'


BBC News Clip Amateur video shows what appear to be at least two rockets zigzagging through a clear afternoon sky around the Lodeynoe Pole base near St Petersburg.


“Earlier, an air force spokesman, Col. Alexander Drobyshevsky, denied that any rockets had taken to the air as a result of the incident.”

Col. Alexander Drobyshevsky: What? They have video of the rockets flying around?

PDS: Yes Comrade Colonel.

Col. Alexander Drobyshevsky: Why didn’t you tell me?

PDS: I did Comrade Colonel and Prime Minister Putin is on the telephone for you.

Col. Alexander Drobyshevsky: BANG!!!

PDS: Damn! I always thought his Makarov was decorative.

PDS = Poor dumb soldier.