Russia Bombs Tbilisi Plane Factory - is this Irony???


Russia Su-25’s returned to the place they were manufactured to bomb it!!!

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Wikipedia Sukoi Su-25


2008 Georgia-Russia War

In August 2008, an unknown number of Su-25s of the Georgian Air Force participated in bombing raids on targets in South Ossetia during the War in South Ossetia[3], and Russian military Su-25 undertook air raids on targets in Georgia.[33] The Russian military officially confirmed the loss of three Su-25 aircraft to the Georgian air defense, while the Georgian side claimed 10 aircraft downed (of different types, of which the loss of a Tu-22M bomber was also confirmed by the Russian military)[34] [35] On 9 and 10 August 2008, Russian Su-25s bombed and fired rockets at the Tbilisi aircraft plant, called Factory No 31 in the Soviet times, destroying most of Georgian Su-25 service infrastructure, as well as the factory’s runway


classic irony. However, I think Russia is taking this war too far.


Video reporter gets shot during live report!! Little Wild Wild East over there!!!


Which is worse? Shooting a female journalist… or just grazing her in the arm?