Run Shell Script error

i keep getting this message and don’t understand what to do. i know it says move file to a folder that has no spaces in the pathname. i don’t understand what or how to do that. please help… thanks

You’re going to need to give context to what you’re try to do. Copy and pasting everything would be helpful.

this is from piaware site. i built the ads-b and can’t get the program to work, it keeps saying run shell script error and i don’t understand how to proceed

Select your downloaded piaware-sd-card-2.1-2.img file.
Be sure your SD card is connected and press continue.
Select your SD card drive and press OK. Be careful to select the correct drive.
Enter your Mac OS X system password.
Confirm your SD card has been unmounted and press continue.This process will take a few minutes.
If you are presented with a Run Shell Script error, you must move your downloaded piaware-sd-card-2.1-2.img file to a folder that has no spaces in the pathname.
You must also be sure you are selecting your extracted piaware-sd-card-2.1-2.img and not the
If you continue to receive this error, verify the PiAware image is written to the card (see example) and proceed to step 3.
When this is complete, a message will appear indicating that it worked.
When this is done, eject and remove the SD card.