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Run dump1090-fa as service?

I have restarted my Ubuntu (AMD64) and, unless I go and log in on the desktop, the dump1090-fa is not running. This is inconvenient.

How can I make it to run as a service (without me being logged on)?

It’s always running as a service if you install the package.

Maybe you have no network connection unless you are logged in?

Hmm… I don’t know that.

I am trying to be able not only to SSH into the box, but also connect from Windows Remote Desktop:

Well… if I am logged on the Linux, I can’t remote with the same user name. On my Windows, the behavior is that the local current user gets logged off when a remote connection comes in. Of course I can kick that connection out locally if I want.

Just configure automatic login, by far the easiest solution no matter what the root cause is.

Yes, but then I can’t connect via Windows RCS with the same user name.
I have checked, if I am not logged in, the network is not working (SSH can’t connect).

Maybe I should just make another user for remote…