Does anyone know if it is possible to run two of the USB adapters on a Linux/RPi, one using the RTL-SDR driver, the other the DVB driver?

I realise the DVB driver is blacklisted normally, but would it be possible with some UDEV rules?

Is there a unique identifier per adapter? I don’t think they have unique serial numbers.

You can configure a serial number via rtl_eeprom, but I think you are going to run into the problem that the kernel DVB-T driver will want to grab all devices with a particular USB ID regardless of serial number.

I think there is some kernel-level SDR mode in the driver now which might coexist better, but I have no experience with it and it would probably need a bunch of integration to get working with things that are expecting the userspace librtlsdr.

Thanks, definitely more hassle than just buying a separate RPi (or utilising one my spares).