RSP2 ADS-B DUMP1090 hangs

I’ve been trying to setup my RSP2 with a Raspberry Pi 3B and the latest DUMP1090 program from the dump1090_1.3.rpi.tar.gz package. Everything appears to be working “for a while” but the decoder seems to loose the ability to decode incoming data. “For a while” is anywhere from 5 - 500 minutes. Sometimes the decode recovers after minutes to hours but the timing is not predictable.
Net result of lossing decode: number of planes tracked appears to drop to one. Several times the internal webserver shows only 1 plane tracked with ICAO hex number 000000 which does seem to get new data as the AGE colums varies. See attachment.

I haven’t got a clue where to start looking for a solution. modprobe usbmon (shows the communication with the RSP2) shows lots of data going back and forth.
My current solution is a stop and start of the DUMP1090 program at a 16 minute interval, however that causes a loss of connection with the MLAT servers.

Any hints? Has anyone experienced similar behaviour and found a solution? I would like to get this combination going and if its beats teh RTL solution possibly getting a dedicated RSP1A for ADS-B reception.