RPi3: re-installed the OS


Hello folks, Today i had problems, and i think i’m on track now & feeding again, but now i have two feeder-numbers which wasn’t my intention: the original one was 71652, and the new one is 72513. This is what happened:

(1) Earlier today i noticed there were frequent dump1090-fa error messages on my local page. “dump1090 may have stopped” but i was still feeding.

(2) I then found that i was locked out of ssh’ing to it. My password would no longer work.

(3) Googled & found a method of re-setting password by removing the SD card, editing a file on it, re-inserting into the Pi, and doing more commands. This did not fix it.

(4) Lacking knowledge, i removed the sd card, re-formatted it on a PC, burned the Raspbian image to it, put it back in the Pi, booted up, did a complete update of everything, re-installed Piaware and dump1090-fa, got that going, but then:

(5) I ‘claimed’ feeder status, and ended up with two feeder-numbers. I was afraid this would happen actually.

(6) Changed my RPi password to something harder to guess!! This in turn messed up my ssh authentication (ssh’ing from other linux & android devices, i don’t even try from Windows) but i fixed that. For the androids, i had to uninstall and re-install Termux. Android/Termux has lots of permissions issues even when the device is rooted.

I did notice my stats and ranking are preserved under my account name, so i’m grateful for that. Should i just shrug over the two-feeder issue? Or can the old feeder info be merged into 72513? Thanks for comments



Now i’m seeing a behavior where dump1090-fa hovers at about 0.3% CPU, and nearby flights are not seen. As soon as i restart it with ‘sudo systemctl restart dump1090-fa’ the CPU usage jumps to 27% and the flights suddenly appear on my screen.

(For comparison i check the airport_status_bigmap on FA.)

Is it possible that dump1090 goes to sleep during periods of low activity, and doesn’t wake up?

As i write this, it’s past midnight. I’ll observe behavior during daylight hours when there’s more traffic. Has this behavior been reported before? Thanks…



Also i see i should be posting to FlightAware & ADS-B, but i’ve been posting to Aviation because i failed to scroll down on the dropdown. Will do it correctly in future.


Inactive feeders will disappear after a month. Look for the old feeder id on the stats page of that site and use piaware-config feeder-id xxxxxxxx… to change it. There are lots threads covering this.


Will look for that…



When you create a new site it will create a new feeder ID. You can enter the old feeder ID in your new SD card image and it will then upload data to FlightAware under your old site ID.

  1. Grab your feeder ID from your my-ADSB stats page.

  2. SSH into your new site and use the command (replace the feeder-id below with the one on your stats page)

piaware-config feeder-id 12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789abc

  1. Reboot your PiAware device

sudo reboot

Here is more information on Feeder IDs.

After about 5 mins check your my-ADSB stats page that data is being sent using your old site ID.