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RPi using 3/4G dongle

This is a bit lazy (i should google more), and I have seen other posts on this topic, but is there anyone here actively using a 3G or 4G dongle to feed their ADSB on a PI.

I am going to be moving home, but will still have access to current location. So rather than rely on someone else rebooting or switching off the internet, I’d like to stay reliant on just the power supply, and have an external connection.

If you are in the UK and have a good solution for this please help?

Yes. The Martello Tower Group feeder is running on a 4G dongle - We have 25Gb/month for a tenner and it works very well. The only issue is that because it’s running 4G, it’s behind a CGNAT so it’s not possible to set up port forwarding and connect to it directly. The way I’ve got around that is to install VNC on the Pi and access it via that.

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Have a look into ZeroTier - it gives a virtual network that will allow you to talk to the machine as though it were on the local network. It’s very handy since it works behind cgnat systems.

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Not a dongle, but I do use 4G for a FA Pi.
I use a dlink dwr921
It has various advantages over a dongle, but of course costs more too.

Wow. In Australia I pay $AU10 per month and get 1GB (about £5.4)

There are other devices at my location so I also use a dlink because a dongle is really only good for one device. It has performed flawlessly. It was originally connected to ADSL with LTE as failover and when the ADSL was disconnected there was about a 15 second disconnection and the data continued.

Same problem and it is really annoying.

MLAT is turned off and the Pi uses about 20 MB per day.