Routes and limitations of requests and queries per minute

I have a purpose for my app to display all direct routes between all airports worldwide and airlines schedule for the week.
As I understand I can do this through requests of the schedule for every airport. The number of Airports is near 5000. So to get scheduled for every airport I need to do approximately 15000 requests (because of limitation of return max results 150)?
Because of the limitations of 60 queries per minute the whole process will take more than 4 hours? Am I right?
May Be is it possible to use another instrument to built routes map of the airport and airline schedule for the week?

Any ideas on how to avoid parsing airport schedules not for 4 hours?

It’s likely that this endeavor will take much more than 15000 queries a month and required a Platinum plan to maintain. That would push the rate limit up to 600 per minute, but may not be in line with anticipated costs.

If all airline schedules worldwide for a week are required then there’s no getting around that this will be a very large amount of data to request.

The problem is concerning getting results from requests. I spent 6 hours and get only 20% or routes and after got connection error :frowning: Is it possible somehow speed up this process? Can I use multiple api keys to speed up the process? or any other suggestions?