route for co15 3/18/06


on sat mar 18 06 co15 route from kewr to phnl a very direct route i was able to id all of the fly over cities except for one czi can you tell me were this is. also when tracking a plane is there a way to get the information in a text form. i cannnot see the maps at all.


Why can’t you see the maps?

CZI is “Crazy Woman, WY” (seriously)


because i am blind


Let us know if you can think of a clever way to represent the maps that would be useful to you.


Here’s a possibility, Daniel…

On an expanded map from an Airport Activity page, you could create a table based on azimuth and distance from the center (the airport). You could list flights from closest radial distance to the airport and then the bearing. While I probably would rarely use such a table, it is one place that all the ID block information could be shown, even where it is graphically suppressed on the map.

On a flight track map, you show only the one aircraft. You could have a text box with the straight-line distance and bearing of the plane from the origin airport and to the destination airport. You could also include the lat/lons of each. You could get fancy by posting the times of crossing state boundaries. You could post the code, distance, and direction to the nearest airport, even though it is not shown on the map. This, btw, would be helpful to many of us as a way to generate an airport expanded map that would display other aircraft in the vicinity of the plane we’re following.

I think a few goodies can be found for all of us users in there.