Roush Fenway plane leaves Talladega, drops luggage

File under “Not Smart”

My wonderful internet hung up waiting for all the ads to load so I couldn’t read the article…however…


Actually, it was left on the gear, not loaded in the cargo area. Still, someones luggage went for a ride it didn’t intend to go on.

I saw the tweet as reported in one article. It makes absolutely no sense, how do you leave bags on the wheel or in the wheel well of a Premier jet? My bet is, if the baggage door was in fact not left open, somebody set a bag or two on the wing expecting the pilot to load them, got on the airplane but the pilot didn’t see them.

It was probably the 727.

That makes more sense, but the wheel wells are nowhere near the baggage doors. Most larger aircraft have micro switches on the doors that illuminate a warning light in the cockpit when the doors are not closed.

So much for a final walk around. SMH basic pilot 101

So much for a final walk around. SMH basic pilot 101

The 727 wing/strut doors make a perfect “shelf” to set things on, and it’s not all that far away from the aft cargo, even the door itself is a part of the wing-to-body fairing behind the wing.