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Merchant is one of two officers who have volunteered to get pilot training, which takes just a few days.

That’s a step up from what the Palm Bay, Florida police use: … h-a-thief/


That sounds about right… although, I couldn’t find the Briggs & Stratton course in Simcom or Flight Safety’s catalog to verify. :confused:


:laughing: Briggs and Stratton!! haha

“The harness has a bullet-proof seat for the officers to sit in just in case they attract gun fire from below.” :open_mouth:

Reminiscent of sitting on our flak jackets in the Huey back in the day.

You sound like Hillary.

Now now, let’s be nice. She only “pretended” to sit on a flak jacket. JHEM actually did, there’s a difference…


Why, I was a flight simulator ace in no time myself!

Powered parachutes? Who came up with that idea/name, sounds like parachuting with a big engine strapped to yourself so hopefully you go forward faster than you go down…

I prefer helicopters though, these “powered parachutes” may have a place in some not-so-important roles but helicopters have their advantages, like being able to use it at night, ability to use FLIR, looking cool, ability to go faster than a champion cyclist etc.

They were developed by a former friend of mine named Steve Snyder.

Google Paraplane and Steve’s name if you want to know more.

A shame what happened to Steve, I also was an acquaintance of his when I first started flying.

So what happened to Steve? I Googled it but coudln’t find the answer. I found a reference to him as the “late” Steve Snyder. So I guess this story ends badly? :cry:

Down towards the bottom of the page is the story.

Found it HERE (about 2/3 down the page)

Steve died in a crash of his ex-Luftwaffe Sabre following a compressor stall during a low pass at an airshow in 1999.

Steve was practicing for an airshow here at KVAY, not participating in one.