Right Place at the Right Time


I am in Indianapolis for a weekend of Club Racing and of course I stay near the airport. I was watching the various Fed-Ex heavies and other jets coming and going when an Air New Zealand 747 was diverted from O’hare and landed at KIND. Being as there was lousy weather here I assume it was worse there. Made for lots of excitement this evening I’m sure with the gusty winds. It was a surprise and made my day. Finishing 2nd today and setting fast lap of the race did top it though.



was the 747 really flying at 99900 feet?


w00t! Way to go!


w00t! Way to go!

Thank you thank you. I owe it all to my fellow physicians who have put me back together and have signed off on my physicals to allow me to race again. Lots of fun to once again prove to myself I can still do this.