Retrieve all departure and arrival flights for the next 6 months


Hi Everyone,

I only need the departure + arrival flights from BKK for the next 1 year from current date

How can i mass export these departure + arrival flights from BKK in the API?

Only need based in Bangkok Airport itself.



One method to get arrivals could be to increment the startDate and endDate on AirlineFlightSchedules as two week blocks and set a destination filter of BKK. Each request will return a next_offset value that can be used as the offset in the next request. Once this value is -1 then all the flights for that two week block have been retrieved and you can start requesting from the next two week block.

You would then have to repeat this process with the origin filter of BKK to get all departures.



May i confirm that each API call count is based on per 15 result row.

Thus, if i getting 15000 results from the repeat process, the api count is (15000/15) = 1000.

Am i correct?

and my current flightaware API plan is
FlightXML3 Plan: Silver
Auto-Upgrade: On
Monthly Query Limit: 20,000

What happen after i exceed the 20k Query limit?



Yes, 15 results constitutes a single “query” in the context of both FlightXML2 and FlightXML3. If you set a howMany of 20, but only 15 results are returned then only a single query is counted. If 16 to 20 results are returned then it counts as two queries.

Since Auto-Upgrade is enabled on your account exceeding your monthly limit will result in you being moved automatically to a Gold Plan and invoiced. After an automatic upgrade occurs the option is disabled, but can be re-enabled if you choose. Accounts at their limit with auto-upgrade disabled will be not be able to get results from the API until their next billing period.



Ok noted.

In the situation which i need to pull all departure flights from BANGKOK for the next 1 year based on today, how do we estimate the number of API query that we will get incurred?

1 year is 12 months, for each month of 30 days.

This is based on AirlineFlightSchedules API method itself.


The total number of queries could be projected from observing the departure activity, by purchasing a 1-month historical report, or by querying the first week of data and projecting activity from there. However, there may be drops in the amount of data as requests get farther into the future depending on how far ahead different airlines are publishing their schedules.