Responsiveness of Map API Calls



I am quoting a web application that might be using your web service. I wanted to know if it was possible to create the same type of zoom-able updating map like you have on your site? I would imagine I would have to use MapFlightEx and call it every 15 seconds to update the map plus I would have to call it for each zoom level as the user zooms with their mouse or via buttons? Would this work? Can the api respond quick enough to get the same user experience as your website?

Thanks for your help.



For an interactive map you’re better off using google maps or your own zoom/pan system (like openlayers) to plot the positions from GetLastTrack. The call is faster on our side, cheaper for you, and your users will have a better experience.


Thats a great idea! Thanks for responding. I think I will see whats involved in that.


I’ve moved your post into the FlightXML section of the forums. Be sure to ask your questions in this section in the future. Thanks.