Reseting FlightAware Information?


Ok, how do I explain this…Is there a way to Reset the Information page for an Airport so that…wait…there’s gotta be a clearer way to ask this…

Ok…today is Friday, When I look up Purdue Airport KLAF, there are flights there from Yesterday…is there a way to clean the page up so I’m only seeing Todays Flights??..

Sorry, sometime sMy mind formulates these big complicated Questions when a simple direct one would’ve sufficed…


Apart from using a 3m© Sticky note to cover up unwanted flights… No.

I think a basic design desision was made to show as many history flights as possible, so on less busy (IFR wise, at least) airports, you will see some day old flights.



thanks for the reply…


I think using the wonder tape named DUCT would be a lot more efficient than 3M Post-Its.


The last 24 hours of activity are displayed on the airport boards.