REQ: type of aircraft code

Who can tell?
What is the FlightAware type of aircraft code for Hamburger Fleugzeubau 320 “Hansa Jet”?

Doewe P.

This forum is a great place to get answers to your questions. Please take advantage of it by reading all of the postings before your first posting.

This has been answered several times. Reading the postings in the forum and the FAQ’s will answer 99% of the questions like this. In fact, I answered this same question just a few minutes ago. Please search the forum to find your answer. You can do this be entering “aircraft type” (without the quotation marks" after you click the search link above.

I searched the FAQ, but didn’t find the answer to my question.
I will search this forum for answer.


I found the answer to my own request.
The aircraft type code for Hamburger Flugzeugbau HFB 320 is HF20