Republic/Chautauqua/Shuttle America

Opinions… :question:

Republic…Good name

Chautauqua…Too hard to pronounce. Sounds more like a rare breed of dog.

Shuttle America…When did NASA start booking flights?

I always mix up Chautauqua, American connection would have been just fine.

I went to space on a Shuttle America flight. Bit pricey but I managed. :wink:

They’re all owned by Republic Airways. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Ok Mr Gump! How goes the shrimp?

Note: Helps to have watched the movie.


Because most normal people know the holding company of obscure regional airlines. :unamused:

Step aside Big Boy and say good bye. It is across the water and to and from the coast to coast for you. As for the entire U.S., it is Southwest Airlines and the Regionals. No more Main Line. (Too expensive.) People want to fly for $69.00 every where and do not care about anything else. It is sad, but true. My job will eventually be contracted out (as is happening in Air Traffic Control) and there will be even fewer pilots getting paid $250K a year. (New hire ATC Controllers are being being paid less - 2Tier Pay system just like the Majors.)

We live in the best country in the world and our citizens want a third world airline. Wholla, the regional emerges and grows to become the Main Line in 2020. And we may see future aircraft with only one pilot flying across the pond in the next thirty years.

I am sorry to sound so pessimistic, but this industry is now all about the bottom line cost. Thanks to Deregulation of 1978.

Thus, you should know who the Regional are. Remember the 1970s, Toyota and Datsun? Meet the Republics, Mesas, Trans States, etc.


Capitalism, it’s a bitch.

So is reading 72-point bright blue type! :unamused:

Yo! FAAInspector… can you tone it down!?! We can read the default fon’t just fine.

Man, if only they could make the FAR/AIM that easy to read.