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Repository https://abcd567a.github.io/ppa/piaware error 404 - Cannot update

Ill leave that previous post there to note the outage in case it happens again, but having rebooted a third time the planes are back on FA and ADSBx. MLAT is active on FA, RB24, plausibly on ADSBx’s tar1090 page which shows planes, though I dont know how to check. globe.ADSBexchange.com showed no planes from my feeder for a while but is back now. MLAT is not active on FR24 for some reason even though it is set to active in settings it shows on my station’s page as MLAT running: NO, but that may be because there are no other feeders in range to sync with… hard to tell

You want to put the full screen of log onto pastebin for the next outage, the status doesn’t always show enough of the log.

sudo journalctl --no-pager -u dump1090-fa


As Flightaware has now officially released piaware ver 7.1 armhf (32-bit) packages, I have deleted from my Github PPA, the 32-bit piaware packages which I have previously built and uploaded there. This is in order to avoid confusion and conflict.

Now my PPA hosts only 64-bit arm64 packages. Currently, the 64-bit packages are not available from Flightaware repositories.

All those who have previously installed the unofficial 32-bit (armhf) version of piaware from my PPA are requested to please replace these by official packages made available by Flightaware here:


When installing official version, please dont forget to first delete my repository from your Pi’s apt sources list by following commands:

sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/abcd567a.list

sudo apt update