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Reno Air

I was looking at the flights that had recently departed ORD and saw ROA363. As I didn’t know what airline ROA was, I clicked the flight to see what it was.

flightaware.com/live/flight/ROA3 … /KORD/KMSP

Reno Air. According to what I have read online, Reno Air was bought by American Airlines in 1999. FlightAware says this flight departed from Gate K2, which appears to be an American gate. Is this an American flight identifying itself as Reno Air, or is this just something weird in FlightAware?

If you look up AAL363 you can see this flight with an actual track.

This is just flightaware’s ability to look up code shares and for some reason that codeshare list includes Reno Air even though Reno Air ceased to exist prior to flightaware’s founding.

I have no idea why it appeared in the recently departed flights.

I also have no idea why when you search ROA363 you get this flight but not the other segment of AAL363 LGA-ORD and if you type ROA___ where ___ is any other valid AA flight number I’ve tried you get an error but for some reason ROA363 leads to one segment of AAL363.

All references to ROA should probably be deleted.

Hmm, this is interesting, when I put in ROA260, I get this flight:


which last operated in 1999.

Instead of AAL260, which is an DFW-YVR flight.

Even more weird.