remote stream piaware to vrs thru cloud

It would appear from what I can find, it is not exactly an easy do…
I wanted to view my data feed from my mountain top piaware install. For testing I have my local unit on Uverse and my workstation on Xfinity…I can control all the parts that way but still no joy.
Is it doable?

You could setup a DDNS with or a similar site. This way your VRS would connect to the address noip gives you without too much fuss.

Fairly easy. Use SOCAT to push the data to your VRS IP address. This will not affect your PiAware performance. You will likely have to set your Uverse router to forward traffic to the VRS computer.

I have my remote receiver running Dump1090 with SOCAT pushing data out over Time Warner to my home (Uverse) PiAware, which then forwards the remote receiver plus FA MLAT to VRS. (there’s a lot of other stuff going on as well, see diagram, all using various links and push feeds across the internet)

Uverse public IPs don’t change often at all. My first Uverse IP stayed the same for three or four years, then changed when I got a new router a couple years ago, and hasn’t changed since.

Here’s my setup ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/net-only-experiment-success-t37171.html