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Reminder to set feeder-id when booting new 4.0 image

In all excitement of the new release, I see upgraded sites with altered site ID. These sites probably switched to the new release image (as opposed to upgrade without re-imaging.) Remember to set feeder-id . The most future-proof way is to add a line

feeder-id 1234abcd-5678efgh-XXXX

to /boot/piaware-config.txt. (If you use the downloaded image, you need to do this anyway, to set your WiFi.) Use the feeder-id when you first registered. (You can find that in your feeder page by selecting the old site.) I had this issue a when I first came up and had to make a new image. (Search led me to an old topic in this forum. But this probably belong to an FAQ and perhaps include in each release notes.)

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