Remember Marcus Schrenker?


Check this link for an interview transcript in an Indiana jail. Man I tell ya, when this guy open his mouth, lies come out fast and steady. … ews197.txt


The thin air from 3,500 feet was painfully cold.

Ahh, yea.

Frank Holbert


Wow, what a bunch of crap. The guy is still doing everything he can to cover his butt and avoid taking responsibility for his actions before, during and after his little “accident” – he is showing no remorse.


I wish they’d interview his victims.


I was thinking the same thing. I’m confused. :confused: :unamused:


Here is more of the same…well actually the first part of that two part series. … ddffb.html


There are many things he misses, he said, but the smell of his wife nears the top.

He’s lucky the jail serves tuna sandwiches on Thursdays! :wink:


:open_mouth: oh noo you didnt just go there!!! :laughing: :laughing:


Oh gawd, something “fishy” going on “there” that you need to elaborate??? :stuck_out_tongue:


We have children in the room Allen. :laughing:


:open_mouth: Dang… :open_mouth:


Investigation Discovery (part of the Discovery Channel) is airing a 30-minute segment on Schrenker later this month: … 50.39540.4



Who cares about this asshole? Lock him up and throw away the key.

“Traveling at 400MPH when he hits the ground”??? This “pilot” has never heard of terminal velocity?

Any day now I expect to hear that he got religion in jail and the devil made him do all those terrible things.


I’m going to watch it just because I want to hear what his wife has to say about this dumba**. His clients aren’t the only ones he fooled.


I kind of like to watch his wife too. I’d hate to be in prison remembering what I used to have… I’m not talking about the plane.

Frank Holbert


WOOOOOW! :wink:


Frank H…? Umm where have you been hiding???
Welcome back


He can close his eyes and remember doing to her what Bubba is presently doing to him! 8)

Good to “see” you Frank.


Was I gone? thought I was lurking.


I went to a four star restaurant at the Lee Vining Mobil yesterday. Good food for a gas station!