Remember Dave Carroll?

You know, this guy,

I’ll bet Untied wishes this guy would never fly them again. :laughing:

:neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

weather we like it or not, its the one thing we as americans can do thats legal. dont use them.

I remember back in the exxon valdez days, i live 1 mile from sun city arizona, and the chevron station across the street from exxon station, was offering 1 dollar or a gallon of gas if you let chevron destroy your exxon gas card. the sun city people turned in hundreds if not thousands of exxon cards to the point that the exxon gas station across the street went out of business.
its just 1 station but its what citizens can do if you are not happy with a company. those old people all stick together.

HAHA! That’s awesome! United could have just replaced his guitar.

…and that was really the whole point.

isnt Dave Carrol the founder of Wendy’s? yeah i remember him the “i want it hot and juicy” guy.

That’s Dave Thomas

And he’s DEAD!

I wonder if Wendy is available.