Reliable Info? Insider Info?


Totally new to FlightAware…
JetBlue #483 out of Boston
JetBlue website says the flight is ON TIME (1 hour to flight)
FlightAware says there is a 1hour 20minute delay in ARRIVAL at LAX?
Who do I believe ?
Is JetBlue holding back on announcing the delay?
How does FlightAware have such “insider” information ???


It was an estimate from a flightplan filed by jetBlue, as amended by jetBlue and the Traffic Flow Management System at the FAA. It looks like that estimate was incorrect and it should be on time (within 15 minutes of airline scheduled arrival).


Thanks for the explanation.
Guess I can trust JetBlue and FlightAware!


You also need to know that the time reported by the airline is gate departure time. FlightAware shows wheels up down. This is explained in the questions/answers.

If an airline flight leaves the gate within 15 minutes of its scheduled departure time it is considered ontime. Doesn’t matter if the wheels up time is an hour or two later due to congestion the flight will still show as on time.


Yes, I do understand the gate vs. takeoff info…
What I saw was an anticipated delay in arrival of more than an hour at LAX while takeoff was still scheduled on time in BOSTON.
Flight did take off within the 15 minute window.
I am sure the more I follow FA the more familar I will become with the typical glitches in information that might mislead me.