RegisterAlertEndpoint - per-account, or per-key?

It appears that RegisterAlertEndpoint is defined on a per-account basis, according to this troubleshooting interface .

Can you confirm this is correct and that alert endpoints are not implemented on a per-key basis?

If this is indeed correct, is it on the roadmap to review this functionality?

The issue is that if I have 3 applications that use 3 distinct keys, I cannot have 3 endpoints. I must implement a common gateway for applications to pub/sub to FlightAware, which adds additional and unnecessary infrastructure to my project.

Correct, endpoints are per account. There are no plans to change this, since alerts themselves are also per account. You can create multiple accounts if you really need full separation of different sets of alerts and delivery endpoints.

Alternatively, you can track which alert id’s are created using each “role” when you call SetAlert, and then make your “gateway” endpoint compare the alert id of each delivered event to determine which “role” to process it.