register my android phone

I got a receiver on my phone. it is working fine but I cannot see
the added receiver on the stats page. only my main?
my phone receiver says it is logged in. can anyone help?


Can you give us some details of your device?
What model is it, what OS are you running and are you running version 1.0.19 of our app with GPS and Wifi enabled?

I am using Samsung galaxy note 3 and the flight feeder app.
gps set location and wifi on. After location was set I turned gps
off for power saving. I can see data and planes on the map
but does not show up on my nearest site page.


I believe we’ve found the problem. Your device was incorrectly assigned to another user. We’ve reassigned it to you and you can now see it on your stats page.

Yep, its showing up now
thank you