Regarding closest airport to ABS-B receiver


First hi all. I did a scout of the forum using the search function, but did not quite get to the bottom of this.
Also… It is a very minor thing, just something that appears strange.

Previously when I ran an raspberry pi ads-b receiver, I was pinned closest to ESSN (Mellingeholm, Norrtälje, greater Stockholm area, Sweden).

However this time round, (only difference is I added a GPS a little while after starting the site), with the same location (same antenna mount even. Thunder !@# did a trick with my last Pi…), I am apparently closest to ESKB (Barkaby, Stockholm, Sweden).

2 things, as I said, very minor that concern me…
First of all ESKB has been permanently shut down (summer 2010, so 11 years ago).
Secondly ESSN is indeed much closer to where I am currently (quite a lot closer, 11km by road! while ESKB, was while it existed, almost 80km away, also by road. And I pick up a good bit of traffic coming out of ESSN).

Is this really correct?

I’ve found no way to mend this myself.
But I assume it does not matter for MLAT since I’ve got gpsd to provide a fix for my position (and conveniently, precise time! :slight_smile: )

Just asking since it seems odd. Thanks to anyone that might know why this is.

You can select in your profile an airport which you think match better
I did not recognize any MLAT impact for it.

I think it’s more informational

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Oh. My bad, I thought I had checked really well, apparently I totally goofed that up.
Thank you for your quick answer :slight_smile:

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