Regarding Banned Members

This is a question for admin regarding the recent banning of Damiross and Lieberma. I assume they were banned for breaking the truce, however is the ban permanent? If not, how long are they banned for? Flyboy was also recently banned and has returned.

Also do you have a forum rules section to read, so others can avoid being banned?

As for the banning of Allen and David, I hope it is not permanent. Many here have had their disagreements over the years with one or both of them, myself included. However, I think they both have contributed great amounts of knowledge and history to these forums. It would be a shame to lose them for good, just because they can’t get along with each other.

Wondering what others think on this subject?

Bring them back. Allthough some on here really piss me off with the snub nose remarks or treat some posters with no respect, I know that I don’t have to read it. I can move to another thread. Both have given alot to this site and it far outweighs their sometimes child like behavior.

Bring them back. When I first joined fa, dami drove me nuts. But IF you read his comments, and understand him…it takes time :wink: You will get like what deef said an understanding and in some cases some education. Same with Lieberma. He was very informative when I first joined. NO ONE is perfect. I AM SURE I have made people cuss a time or 2 with things I post. Good, it worked and got your attention…you all know who you are :stuck_out_tongue: At any rate, IF you don’t like something someone says…read past it and don’t respond. Both guys deserve to come back IMHO. PLEASE!!! Let them, before we have the kids run off with the joint :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue:

Bring them back. Let’s give them their own forum where they can go at it! They both bring good info to the boards, you just have to get around the fact that some folks just don’t get along.

I agree with you MD11HVY. Bring them back, we will all do stuff wrong… :unamused:

There were VERY SPECIFIC RULES spelled out for these two!

That being said, I think the ban should be temporary as each of them do contribute valuable information to the forums.

Who in God’s name are the two people that said let them go?


Side note to will…
The “G” in “God” should be capitalized, and there needs to be an apostrophe before the “S”. Now, time for for recess!!!

Bring them back! Everyone here has a difference of opinion. Read it if you like. Or go on past it without a response. ( I actually find this all entertaining).

As Beechluvr noted, bring them back! If only for their entertainment value!

In all seriousness, the place wouldn’t be the same without them and we would all be the poorer if we lost their collective knowledge.

If they need to spend some time in the woodshed before returning, so be it.

(We need a third choice, bring them back after they serve their sentence.)

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: I totally forgot… :angry:


First and foremost a collective thanks for the support not only in this thread but in the entire 4+ years in participating in these forums. We probably need to recognize the kinship shared almost more in virtual time vs real time in real life. Something I did sincerely miss during the past week.

I will say as I owe it to everybody the reason for what I believe the ban was for. I THINK for me using a four letter acronym beginning with R in the Dami vs Lieberma round 1,234,022. This probably was the straw that broke the camels back and while my “first offense” using implied language as such it was deserved even though in four years, I had never posted or in this case implied such language. A warning for me would have been more then sufficient regarding language but ban was put in place.

The hard part of the ban to be honest was not being able to connect with those as the PM feature got crippled and it took somebody (BIG THANKS) to connect with me so the full story can come out. I got the PM alerts, but wasn’t able to respond!

As I told somebody in my private email I didn’t want people necessarily perusing NTSB reports because I dropped off the radar so I had asked them to “pass the word on” and THEY graciously did so…

Anyhow, rambled on enough, “refrain to the first paragraph” :slight_smile:


Bummer. I like you, but if you’re back that means the other one will be back, too. Has dami figured out how to blame Obama, Pelosi or democrats in general for his banning yet? If he hasn’t, he will.

Not sure. But now that you mention it…

Were glad ya made it back! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back, Allen! :smiley:

It wasn’t one particular word, I banned them for dragging many threads off topic with petty squabbles. I’d been slack about enforcing the rule for a while hoping it would work out but it didn’t. I don’t want to spend any time enforcing rules like that.

Don’t worry about being banned; aside from those two I think only one other user has served a temporary ban (aside from spammers, who are permanently banned) for foul language.

dbaker had no involvement; he’s in Thailand on his honeymoon.

Dbaker told me he was going to be on vacation, but not on his honeymoon! :laughing:

Speaking of floggings (see a different thread). THILAND? Out of all of the places in the world and he picks THILAND??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell him congrats when he checks in…because we know he will. :laughing:

I doubt he was the one doing the picking, ya know?