Regarding 737NG Instrumentation


In looking at photos of Boeing 737NG flight decks, I have noticed two different configurations of the primary flight instruments, as displayed on the glass displays. One configuration is a near virtual representation of what would be analog instruments, as shown in the following photos.

This is contrasted with a configuration that displays all primary flight information on one display, using speed tape and altitude tape, and navigation information on the side display, as shown in this photo.

Is the configuration of the dispaly something that can be changed by the pilot, or is it fixed for that particular airplane as determined by the operating airline’s specifications when the aircraft was first purchased?

Are there advantages to one instrumentation style versus the other?


Good eye wazzu! Probably one is just older than the other. I have two giant ring binders (3 inches each) that compse the older Alaska 737-3/-4/-5 systems handbook. It has everything in them about the -3/-4/-5 models. If you have any other specific questions, I could look them up.


The ones I flew were like the second example. I was not aware of any way for the pilot to change it. I suspect it is set up for the airplane but can be changed with programing or pin selections.

Probably. Tapes took awhile for me to get used to, but aren’t a problem now. Just different.





I didn’t notice the two different instrument panels. I thought there was only just the latter one.


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