Refresh Rate

Hi everybody !
I’m still stuck with Dial-up.
The auto refresh rate used to be OK, but now I guess there is so much more info coming through each page that I barely get the page in before it refreshes. Sometimes it never gets completely in before it refreshes so I never get to see the info. :unamused:
Is there a way for the user to set the refresh rate for the individual account ?

Thanks !
Russ 8)

You can log out to decrease the refresh rate, but that’s not a very good solution.

Most of the big files should be cached by your browser for a while after the first load. Have you done anything to disable caching by your browser?

Thanks for the reply.
I haven’t done anything differently…that I am aware of.
Will look for those settings though and see what I can figure out.
(not really PC fluent)
Thanks again,