Redesigned page

This is just the latest example of a continuing trend where websites that people had come to love browsing on their laptops have been reconfigured for the cell-phone barista generation. The former view was vastly better.

Agree, unfortunately that is the direction the 80:20 rule seems to be pushing things. Just hope Mr. Baker doesn’t feel constrained to cram it into a tweet.

And a new map is horrible. A names of settlements are not correct.

The new designed page is far less informative that previous ans searching tool by flight reference unable to find double-coded flight when shared by operators. In Asia most of flights can be missed :cry:

Today I saw an excellent idea on the Marinetraffic site - Traffic density. A very useful thing for assessing problems with a reception area. … :42/zoom:7

That is a heat map. There are FA threads on adding them to dump1090 of various flavors. IIRC it is a non-trivial mod.

Its official name - “2016 Density Maps”

Use our newly released 2016 Density Maps to visualise the year instantly on the MarineTraffic Live Map. You can also use it to explore trends, compare patterns and gain actionable insights into global maritime activity.

I was going to reply ‘marketing’, but it is a specific instance of a ‘heatmap’

Well, whatever its proper name should be, it is a great help to our lifeboat station in Newcastle, Co Down, N. Ireland as it has been showing trends for us as part of our 5 year coastal review. Our last one was in 2013 and we have one coming up in 2018.

I’d love to see something similar showing flightpath density over our area in the Irish Sea.



Using a PiAware device, you would be able to track this data on your own device. A lot of useful information can be found in the ADSB discussion forums (ADS-B Flight Tracking - FlightAware Discussions)