Red Bull Air Races in New York City


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The fifth race of the 2010 Red Bull Air Race World Championship season will be held, in partnership with NYC & Company, Jersey City, NJ and Liberty State Park, over the Hudson River on June 19 and 20. This year marks the sixth year of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship which will also land in nine cities including Abu Dhabi, UAE; Perth, Australia, and Lisbon, Portugal.


$40 for tickets to stand (They charge you to stand???) and $75 to sit (Well, I would only be $45 or $25). Anyone been to one of these? Is it worth it?


Tickets??? The course is just north of Ellis Island! You could just go to Ellis, or sit at Battery Park and watch for free! $40 my ass!


I was thinking about that, but it just seems too easy.


Best place is anchored between the Battery and Ellis Island. I’m working on a plan, anyone interested in participating PM me. Pickup points would be at the Science Museum in Jersey and probably South Street Seaport in Manhattan.

Cost will be greater than $40 per person I fear, much greater.


What sort of craft might be involved?


In the past I’ve used up to a 105’ gaff rigged schooner (Opsail).

This time I anticipate something more along the lines of about a 40’ stinkpot, perhaps a bit larger.


I would love to go, probably will end up working. If anyone’s willing to pick me up at the airports (EWR, JFK, LGA)?


fly im definatly gunna go … battery u can watch for free? or is it worth it to like just go to wekhawken?


RedBull claims that the race won’t be visible by the naked eye from the Battery, but I have to thin it would be. But maybe I’m wrong. I’ll try to get down there and take a peek.

I don’t know what they’ll do about Ellis Island, because I would imagine a lot of folks would have that idea. $12 for the ticket to Ellis island is mighty tempting, but there is only one really viable viewing spot there.


Might want to keep a eye on this topic. See what other people say about it.

United States - New Jersey - Red Bull Air Race 2010 - Jersey City / New York City - 06/19/10 - with team links. … 292.0.html


Looking at the map of the area, Ellis Island looks good.


Are they going to shut down the infamous VFR corridor?


Just got this email today about it…
Don’t worry, its not a virus or anything. Trust me. I wouldn’t even know how to make one.


NY Waterway is going to be out there. LINK:


free tickets


I was at a party on the North Shore of Staten Island for the duration of the race today. I couldn’t see the course from where I was but was watching on TV, then walking out to the yard to watch the Extra that had just finished the course fly overhead at 2,000 ft or so. I got a couple of pictures and a video as well.


I beg all of you, please DON’T talk about this because I didn’t get to go :frowning:


Neither did I but I’m not going to request others NOT to talk about it. That’s just plain stupid to ask people not to give their experiences there. Aren’t you interested in hearing what went on at the races from people who where there? I know I am.

rgHanger: Please try to resize your pictures before uploading. Smaller pictures mean that people don’t have to keep scrolling right and left to read the postings. Thanks.


I didn’t really expect anyone to not talk about it. It was really more of a joke.